5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Novel!!!,June 18, 2012
This review is from: Deadly Intentions (True Intentions) (Kindle Edition)

Deadly Intentions is the wonderful, intriguing sequel to Lisa Kuehne’s True Intentions. Kuehne threw me a dark and twisted storyline in this second novel. I thought Kuehne left me on an agonizing cliffhanger in True Intentions, but she definitely tortured me with the cliffhanger in Deadly Intentions and waiting for Kuehne’s third installment to the this series so I can find out more on Drake’s character is not going to be easy. Kuehne has added a dark new character with Drake in this amazing storyline, and she’s only let me have a delicious taste of him, just to have me wanting more of this bad boy. I also would like to give praise to Kuehne on the scene with Sam and Ava, when Ava had a choice to make. I praise Kuehue for how she had Sam handle this situation with Ava. I love that Sam didn’t play any games with Ava and that he stood up for himself to let Ava know where he stood and how he felt. This is why I love Sam, he’s strong and he doesn’t play games, and even though I understood what Ava was going through, I was really hurt that she did this to Sam. But like I said, Sam’s character is gorgeous, and I love that he’s has this hardness about him.

Ava is starting to question herself–if she really does have the power to influence others to do good instead of evil. Her dreams of destruction to hurt and kill mankind are really happening in the real world. Will, who is an angel, has been sent to earth to protect her, but he’s falling in love with her. When Ava asks Will to help her figure out why her evil dreams are coming true, this doesn’t go well with Sam, or for Ava and Sam’s relationship. Also, Ava finds out that her twin brother Aiden, who died a year ago, has sacrificed his eternity in heaven for her to Satan, so Ava wouldn’t die. Even if Satan has Ava’s twin brother, he still has his fallen angel trying to find Ava to stop her from saving mankind. But Ava is determined to rescue her brother from Lucifer. Plus there’s also Jack, who has just became her new step brother. Ava is finding out she has her hands full with all this and with her fight with Lucifer.

Lisa Kuehne turned up the heat for Ava in Deadly Intentions with her hot fallen angel romance and the battle against Lucifer, and there’s also Drake, which I’m waiting to find out the rest of his dark, demented secrets in the next book. I recommend Deadly Intentions as a dark, surprising, forbidden love twist. I also recommend True Intentions the first book in this fantastic series


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