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Stuck Awake With Writer’s Block :(

The other night I couldn’t sleep.

It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, more like I couldn’t shut my brain off.  Thousands of thoughts rushed through my head–each competing for dominance.

But these thoughts were in the form of ideas–not words–which is what I really need right now. I could have come up with 1,000 new book ideas, but couldn’t think of where I want to go with the next chapter in my current project if it was life or death.

I remembered back to when I was a teen. Nights like before the first day of school or a big event. Those were nights where 1,000 “what ifs” monopolized my thoughts.

Then I remembered back to even earlier . . .  when I was a little kid and never wanted to go to bed. I was so afraid if I went to sleep at night or took a nap I would miss something. And I didn’t want to miss a beat!

Maybe that is what happened the other night. My mind–so full of all the possible “what if”  future projects couldn’t stop long enough to enjoy the current project . . . .

Just like when we are kids, we can’t wait to start kindergarten, to turn sixteen and drive, to turn twenty-one and be allowed in a bar . . . . We look so forward to the future, we don’t take the time to enjoy the present.

Even though I can’t go back in time–nowadays, I’ll cherish a nap if an opportunity for one ever creeps up!


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