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Sooooooo True!

When I saw this facebook post on my friend Aimee’s page (thanks Amy) it made me smile so I thought I would share.


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The Latest Review On True Intentions

“Ava’s story starts out looking pretty bleak. She’s lost both her twin and her father in the same day, and within months, her mother has moved them across the country. The story was very fast-paced and filled with adrenaline. There was never a moment where I was waiting for the story to pick back up. I wanted to turn the page and find out what would happen next. This book definitely kept me up late at night reading.

I really enjoyed Ava as a character. She had a lot to deal with, but took it all in stride. She was really strong after her family passed away, mostly for the sake of her mother. But when they got to California and Ava could be a teenager again, she fell hard for the most mysterious, most gorgeous guy in school. Granted, she didn’t really have a chance since the point of his existence is to tempt mankind. Gotta be beautiful to do that.

Sam was a great character. He’s also stuck in a crappy situation, but he tries his best to do his job without being too horrible of a person (or demon). Unfortunately for him, Ava has powers of persuasion of her own, she just doesn’t know about them and how to use them. But her influence over him is immediate, and he’s willing to throw away his life to protect her, instead of destroying her like he should be doing. His heart is definitely in the right place.

I had to get used to the writing. I’m used to books being all first person or all third person. TRUE INTENTIONS was told mostly in first person, from Ava’s point of view, but also from third person at random times. It was different from what I was used to and bugged me at first, but eventually I got over it because the story kept pulling me back in. The ending was very open-ended and definitely left me wanting more. Thankfully, I discovered that there is a second book in the works, titled DEADLY INTENTIONS. I just wish I knew when it was coming out!”

Thank you, Pamela and everyone else who has done a review for this first book of the series 🙂

Happy Holidays!


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Toys For Tots versus 6 yr Old Boy… By YA Author: Saewood Tice

Toys For Tots versus 6yr Old Boy

So, this year when the school sent home the note about students being able to donate toys my kids got really excited.  Dear Daughter is a kind little thing and gladly sat and explained to her 6 year old brother all about donating gifts.  He was hesitant until she told him they would get a prize for donating.  Being the capitalist child he’s growing to be, he was sold.

After shopping for Toys For Tots gifts we sat them all out on the kitchen table.  As we put the toys into each of their backpacks, 6yr old boy became hesitant once again.  He decided that he liked the Hot Wheels 8 pack and wasn’t sold on donating it.  Ever the good Samaritan – Dear Daughter (10) goes back to work convincing her brother of the good cause, being kind, and helping those less fortunate.  All was going well until we got to this particular part of the conversation:

“We donate these toys so that kids who don’t have parents or parents without money can have a present.”

You could see the wheels in his head turning before he even spoke.

“Wait a second,” said dearest 6yr old son.  “What do you mean they don’t or won’t get presents?  What about Santa?  He comes to everyone’s house, right?”  With one eyebrow cocked above his left eye, he looked between me and my daughter.

10yr old had no idea how to respond and obviously having never thought about it that way, she too looked to Mommy for answers.  I had to give them an explanation. I mean it was a valid inquiry. So, I went into how they get 1 or 2 things from Santa each year and the rest comes from Mommy, Daddy, and other family members.  Once they nodded their understanding, I then went on to explain that our donations made sure they had extra presents under their tree.

After a deep inhale and loud exhale, 6yr old stuffed his coveted Hot Wheels into his back pack.  All was well in the world of doing good deeds.


6yr old comes home from school and tosses a small shiny metal thing on the table.  I pick it up as he drops his bag and huffs. Seems the prize for toy donation is a Toys For Tots button.  He eyed me closely as I took the back off the pin and then offered to put it on his coat or backpack. He shook his head.

“I give them Hot Wheels and I get a pin.” He flicked his finger at the pin in my hand. “Those were really cool cars.” Crossing his arms over his chest he huffed again. 

I bit my lip. That was it.  I stood up, went to the bathroom, closed the door, and laughed till tears formed in my eyes.

6yr old will probably not be so easily convinced to donate toys next year and I don’t think he’s going to be a liberal.  :o)

In the spirit of Toys For Tots and Giving to Others during this season, I want you to come over to 
Give Unto Others the Gift of Reading and enter a friend, coworker, family member to win a free copy of Amongst the Ruins.

 (If you need the link, here it is:

Amongst the Ruins

In the year 2220, only about 15% of Earth’s population have survived and thrived after the Nuclear Disaster of 2020.

With the collapse of modern society, the population has regressed into eight clans.

Amongst these clans, an unusual girl grows from child to adult.

Raised on the run and in hiding, Shilo wants to be free of the expectations of women. But in a ruined world where anyone could be an enemy, only the radiation-twisted mutants are clearly identifiable. A fertile female is a precious treasure, and any lapse in caution can mean a loss of the freedom she longs for.

Training as hard as a soldier would, in order to free herself from social constraints, she finds herself faced with an offer from a new clan–an offer that provides her with what she desires. But her recently found independence brings discovery, and discovery brings two very different men from her past—and each of them is determined to claim her.

One is obsessed with owning her, the other desires her as the only person who can make him love again.

Buy Links:
Noble Young Adult


Saewod Tice

Question: What toy did my 6yr old son want to keep from Toys For Tots for himself?

Email Answer to Erika at

Go Check out the others at:


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The Holliday Blog Hop Starts In 4 hours!!!! Join And Possibly Win A Kindle!

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I would love one of my readers to end up with a Kindle 🙂

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Holiday Blog Hop December 17th

Check out: on December 17th!

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Sneak Peak Into Deadly Intentions!

Prologue For Deadly Intentions:



            He is probably the last person in this world who would panic. This must be serious.

            “You need to turn it on.”

            Just thinking of the urgency in his normal, smooth-as-glass voice causes a chill to run down my spine. And it’s not from my fever.

            What’s so darn important?

            “Alright, hang on,” I murmur.

            “What channel?” I ask and aimlessly search the couch and end tables for any sign of the missing remote.

            “Any! It’s all over every local news station.”

            I cringe at the sharpness of his voice. It’s totally unexpected like expecting him to kick a puppy. My search becomes more fear driven.

           With trembling fingers, I place the cell phone between the curve of my neckline and reach under the couch.

           There it is.

            I yank the remote out from between the recliner’s seat cushion and nervously flip through the television channels until I’m confident it’s on a news station.

            Even though she’s apparently in the middle of the report, the red-headed female anchor’s voice instantly catches my attention.

            “ . . . the chaos appears to be spreading, with no immediate end in sight. There has never been so much . . . .” her voice drops off as she stares blankly at the camera, obviously reading her screen teleprompter.

            “I apologize, but I have just been given the latest breaking news update.”

            She pauses again, her brows slant into an affronted frown. I watch her carefully—wishing she would say something . . . anything. Her soft brown eyes widen in alarm and a green paleness takes over her face. She unconsciously mouths the words “Oh my God . . . .

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