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DEADLY INTENTIONS Has Been Turned In!!!!!

PHEW would be a major understatement.

After a good–yet exhausting– eight months, the second book in the True Intention Series, DEADLY INTENTIONS, has been turned over to my editor. 🙂

Do you want a sneak peek???

Stay tuned!!!


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Kindle Winner is . . .

I’m excited to announce the Kindle Winner is Angie H.


Her wonderful first kiss story that recieved the most votes:

The sixth grade camping trip was something I had been looking forward to since kindergarten. The thought of spending the week camping with my closest friends was exhilarating. Of course there were several cute boys in my class, but none had my interest. However, when I saw him–the beautiful, dark-haired, boy from another local school, I fell hard. I couldn’t stop staring at his light blue eyes. First at mealtime, then while we played volleyball, and when he became my partner for arts and crafts, I thought I would die! Not only was he gorgeous, but he also had an amazing sense of humor. He made me feel special, made me laugh, and made my sixth grade class camping trip one of my best memories EVER! The last night at camp was our celebration party. My crush took my hand and walked me outside to sit on the porch step. The stars gleamed in the background and the moon lit up his face just enough to make my heart flutter in my chest. He told me how much he liked me and then leaned in for a quick peck. Unfortunately, I was expecting more and my tongue grazed his lips as he pulled away. His laughter was loud enough to wake the Friday the Thirteenth serial killer, Jason. But luck was on my side that night. He gave me his phone number and we “went steady” for the rest of the summer. I did get a couple other kissing opportunities with my crush before seventh grade started and he became a memory in my past. . .

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