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Update on Who is winning the Kindle!!!

We are about 1/2 way through July and Angie is currently leading with Valerie in second place. It’s not to late to join and give all the 7 contestants some friendly competition.

Best of luck to everyone! Cant wait to see who wins!


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First Official Interview with Samuel Perry of True Intentions

1. How long have you been immortal and why does Satan have immortal dark angels?

I’ve been immortal since 1798. Satan has us angels for one reason—temptation. If you met the devil face to face, you would never believe it was him. Satan has always been depicted as a cartoon character in a red suit with a pitchfork or a ghoul so hideous that if you saw him, your instincts would kick in, and you would instantly know to run. None of these characteristics are true. In reality, you would find him attractive, engaging and persuasive. Although Satan is the Prince of Darkness, he successfully presents himself as an “angel of light.” A master of misrepresentation, he is the world’s greatest advertiser packaging his product so it’s attractive and appealing. In reality, it’s deathly poisonous. That’s where I come in. I am the product. You see, mankind lives in a physical, tangible, material world influenced by the invisible and mysterious spiritual world around them. My job with Satan is simple: to invisibly tempt. Not only the members of mankind who have poor or weak morals, but to influence everyone. Satan needs you to see his angel soldiers as good, beneficent, and trustworthy. He wants us to appear enticing and inviting.  Our ultimate goal: influence mankind toward sin. Believe me; it’s as easy as taking candy from a baby.

 2. What is it like working for Satan?

There are benefits to working under Satan—immortality being the biggest. I’ve seen mankind evolve, for better and for worse. I’ve witnessed the creation of antibiotics, which saves lives, and nuclear weapons, which easily destroys them. Honestly, Rim of the World High School has been my easiest assignment thus far. The majority of the students here already possess the self-centered values that make my job a cake walk. All I have to do is throw in a simple temptation. That’s it . . . At this rate, mankind will self-destruct and Satan won’t need angels like me anymore.

 3. What thoughts went through your head when you first saw Ava?

Besides the fact that she was just like all the others—mesmerized by me, I recognized something different about her—a purity. She was unlike anything I had ever encountered before. I had heard about a prophecy claiming occasionally there are humans with an extraordinary ability to influence. Humans like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King. They possess a special ability to influence good, and can overcome Satan influential powers, if given the chance. That’s why it is crucial: any human who has this gift must be swiftly destroyed—no exceptions. I knew what I had to do, but I had no idea she would give me the perfect opportunity so quickly.

 4. Tell us about someone you tried to tempt, but failed.

It was in my youth of my immortal existence—early 1800s. There was this one guy who had committed several small crimes in the past. I can’t recall his name, but remember he was fairly young, maybe late teens or early twenties. He was very poor and having a hard time making enough income to survive. There was another wealthy older man who wanted his enemy taken care of and more than willing to pay a high price to have it done. I was fairly confident this young gentleman would take the money and complete the assassination. But in the end, he couldn’t go through with it. I was dumbfounded for the first and only time.”

 5. What is something no one else knows about you, even Ava?

I only kissed one girl when I was human. Her name was Mary. I’ve told Ava about kissing Mary, but  never told anyone what happened afterward–when my jealous emotions took over. After I became immortal I had to sit back and watch Mary fall for another guy. It infuriated me. I felt like she got over my death much faster than I ever imagined. I made sure her new love would be one of the first humans I’d tempt and send into damnation.  It wasn’t very noble, but then again I work for Satan. Nothing is noble anymore.

To learn more about Samuel Perry, check him out in True Intentions.

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Noble Young Adult is giving away Free Gift Certificates!


NOBLE is having a Yahoo Group Subscriber Drive to bring new readers to our Yahoo readers’ group. Subscribers to this group can attend FUN PARTIES, where they’ll have a chance to chat with favorite authors, meet new-to-you authors, read excerpts, learn about new releases, AND WIN A BUNCH OF REALLY COOL PRIZES.

To make this subscriber drive more FUN, we’re holding a contest. All you need to do is:

  1. Subscribe to the NOBLE Yahoo Group
  1. AFTER you subscribe, send an email to Noble, at give them the following information: Your name, the email address you used to subscribe, and MY NAME so they know who lured you into our lair—I mean, enticed you to subscribe. Send email to

 The winning author’s subscribers will ALL RECEIVE A $10 GIFT CERTIFICATE to  Noble Young Adult Not Just Romance!

And here’s the best part:  all  new subscribers will be entered into a drawing, and one lucky winner will receive a brand new Kindle!

*Contest open to U.S. residents, only. Only new subscribers are eligible to win. Sorry – no unsubscribing then re-subscribing allowed. L Subscribers must stay subscribed for a minimum of one month to be eligible. Contest ends AUGUST 3, 2011; Prizes will be awarded by SEPTEMBER 3, 2011. Don’t wait. Sign up NOW.

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