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Why Are Paranormal Romances So Popular?

Why do you think paranormal romances are so popular with readers?  What do you like best about the genre?

Personally, I like the “alternate worlds” of paranormal romances. One of the reasons I’ve always loved to read is to get away from all the stressors of reality. I like immersing myself into the characters and their world. My problems don’t look so big anymore 🙂

That is why I wrote True Intentions. On the outside, Ava’s world is much like our own. 

How easily the world can turn upside down when dark angels walk the earth and you have something they want . . . Suddenly you’re being hunted and don’t know who you can trust. As the layers of betrayal unfold, you may think ignorance is bliss.

Paranormal romances allows us to think outside the box and use our imagination contrary to what we’re told is scientifically possible.

Why do you read them?


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“Believe” Quote From Evan Tanner

I recently saw a quote I loved. There is so much true to this. I wish we all could look at ourselves this way.

Believe in yourself.
Believe in your own potential for greatness.
Believe that you can change the world.
It is something that is within each of us.
Believe in the Power of One.

–Evan Tanner

What is a quote you love?

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Prologue For True Intentions


            I look up from the floor suddenly realizing I’ve been tricked. I am going to die, and there is nothing I can do to get out of it now.

       I, and only I, made the choices that led me to this horrific fate.

       How could I have been so stupid?

       How could I have trusted him?

       As I think back, I know deep down in my heart I never had a chance to begin with. This would have happened one way or another. 

       The pain seems to be getting worse. Even the simple act of breathing has become more difficult. Cold sweat glistens on my eyebrows.

       “Will it be quick?” I ask him, in too much pain to move.

        “Probably not,” he answers honestly.

       His sheepish smile grows larger as he walks circles around where I lie—helpless and in agonizing pain.

       His beauty is probably the last thing I will see.

       He will remain here, an angel among us.

       While I die, betrayed by a boy I trusted.

       I know there will be no heaven for me. No real angels in my future.

       He stops at my feet, looking down at me with disgust.

       “I thought you would have figured it out. You’re not nearly as smart as I gave you credit for. I had you checkmated from the moment I met you,” he brags.

       His intuition is frightening.

       I have nothing to say in my defense. Maybe he’s right.

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A Little About Me


My love of romance, mystery and suspense, inspired me in 2010 to write  True Intentions which will be coming May 24th, 2011 from Noble Young Adult Romance.

I love  photography, painting, outdoor adventures, creating artwork, relaxing at the lake, hanging with family and friends, and shopping 🙂


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